Wednesday, August 26, 2015


It's amazing the differences a couple years can make.  Have you ever looked back at pictures and see such a difference in the person?  I've got some examples of Bella and Luke.

Bella - 2013
Bella 2015
Big difference don't you think?

Luke - 2013
Luke - 2015
They are both growing up right before my eyes.  Bella and Luke started school a couple weeks ago.  Bella is having a hard time adjusting.  But I have confidence she will adjust.  Bella knows the ABC's, knows how to count to 100, knows all the colors and shapes.  She just needs to adjust to being away from home.  She isn't a very social person.  So being in a school environment is hard for her.   As for Luke, he has been diagnosis as Autistic.  He's on the lower scale of the Autism chart.  He's a very smart little guy.  You only have to show him something once or twice and he knows it.  He's been using a computer since he was 1 year old.  He's also a very lovable person.  

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  1. They too are different and that is important. I hope life is as full for them as I hope!


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