Saturday, August 29, 2015


As you all must know my hubby recently underwent surgery for Colorectal Cancer.  He was in the hospital for 6 weeks after complications from the surgery.  Since he's been home he is eating and gaining weight.  The doctor's are very happy at his recovery. 
The neighbors down the street have a rummage sale.  My hubby is a rummage sale guru.  Before the surgery he went rummaging every weekend.  So he can't resist one when he sees one.  So he got his walker and walked down to the neighbors.  I was watching him the whole way there.

 I am linking up with Melinda over at West Metro Mommy Reads for Saturday Snapshot.


  1. I'm glad he got out and got to do something he loves. Praying for him.

  2. He looks like he's doing well. Glad to see he found something he liked!

    - Linking over from Saturday Snapshots


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