Monday, August 31, 2015


Tamar over at Random-osity is the host for The Good, The Random and The Fun.  Hop over and check it out.
The Good....
We have this piece of carpet in front of the back door.  Toby, the Dachshund, loves this, he rolls on his back for a good scratch.
The Random....
Toby trying to sneak out the back door.
The Fun.....
What's more fun that playing with the garden hose on a hot humid day.


  1. Love puppies wanting a belly rub!

  2. Love that first shot! We have to be careful about going out our front door as my cat will try to sneak out of it every chance he gets.

  3. I remember playing with the hose in the summer time... and the sprinkler.

  4. I remember our dogs doing that, too! Funny how they have certain spots they love.


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