Tuesday, June 15, 2021

TO-DO TUESDAY...........

 is today already...boy, that week went fast.  That means it's To-do Tuesday..head over to Chris's place to see what everyone is working on this week.

Last Week

1.  Find a tutorial for placing Red Work blocks on point.

2.   Continue working on the Daisy.👎

3.  Start sewing the Crazy Quilt blocks together.👎

4. Continue working on Salt and Sand.👎

It's a sad list of nothing done....I was working on getting the Tile Quilt finished.  You can see my post on that HERE. 

1. I found a tutorial for placing my Red Work blocks on point.  I'll be working on that one, I'm not 100% sure how to do this, so it will be a trial and error thing. 

2. NO on the Daisy, didn't do any embroidery.

3. I got the Crazy Quilt blocks out of the UFO box, but that's as far as it went.

4. Didn't get any thing done on Salt and Sand.

Sorry, no pictures today....my son's server, where my pictures are stored....crashed.  So he's been working on getting that up and running again.

I can show you some of my flowers that are blooming now.  The Lilly's are in full bloom right now.

Also my Antique Rose bush is blooming.   I have lived her for almost 40 years.  This rose bush was here when I moved here, way back in 1981.  I don't know the name of the rose, but it has bloomed every year that I've lived here.  The picture doesn't show the actual color very well.  It is a very dark red. 

This week's list:

1. Work on Fairy Tale Blocks

2. Tie the Inprov Quilt

3. Do some Sting blocks

4. Work on the Daisy!!!

Have a....


  1. We all have those kinds of weeks, don't we?! Your rose is sure pretty! Amazing it has lived for so long.

  2. I don’t anything about the life span of roses, but 40 years seems amazing! Such a pretty shade of red! I especially like your lilies!

  3. I hate crashing computers and such. Hope he can recover a lot of your pictures and get everything back working again. We all have weeks when we don't get as much done as we hoped. There's always next week. In the mean time enjoy what you are doing!


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