Thursday, September 30, 2021


 are almost done.  I spent the day yesterday tying the Salt and Sand...and the Orange quilts.

Salt and Sand

Orange Quilt

Today, I'm going to cut fabric for my binding.  While I'm cutting fabric, I'll also cut some muslin for my RSC 2020 quilt.  I've almost got enough to finish this off.  Then starts the embellishing of the blocks.

Tonight I'm going to Book Club...we haven't had a meeting for 3 month.  Really looking forward to this one.  And a new book to read.  We will be reading The Personal Librarian by  Marie Benedict.  You can read all about this book over at Amazon.

As for T.V., I'm still watching CSI Miami.  I really like these crime shows...I've also been watching CSI New York.  Well I guess that's it for today.  Hop over and check out these links.

I Like Thursday

Put Your Foot Down

Needle N' Thread

Hope you all have an awesome.....


  1. Your quilts are so pretty! Looks like you'll have several finishes coming soon. That book sounds really interesting -I'll put it on my list. We like the crime shows, too. CSI Las Vegas was always a favorite!

  2. Hi Sherrie! Wow, you are kicking that list down to size and taking names. It's so fun to see you working through these. I have also enjoyed the CSI shows -LV is coming back on the air this Fall. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Yay on cutting the binding, you are really getting things done! Glad you got to go to book club, sounds like fun.

  4. Great job on all but the Salt and Sand, I really love that fabric. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.


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