Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Linda over at Texas Quilt Gal came by for visit a few days ago.  She asked about tying a quilt.  A few months ago I took pictures of me tying a quilt.  Just in case someone wanted some information on how to do this.  I hope I get the explanation wrote so you all understand this process. 

After I sandwich the quilt top....all pinned's ready to be tied.  So here we go...

The tools you will need:

Sharp larged eyed needle

yarn of your choice

Needle Threader

Needle puller...I strongly suggest you have one of these, when your going into seams, it's hard to pull the needle in and out.


1. pick the spot you want to start.  I usually start in the middle of the quilt and work my way around.  put the needle through the fabric, you will be going in the top...the end of your thread should be on the top.

2. Then from under the quilt, push your needle, close to where the other yarn is, and pull it through.


3.  Pull the yarn all the way too the top.

 4. Cut the thread so it's about the same length as the other piece of yarn,  Cut a piece of yarn from your ball of yarn about 6 inches long, and lay it between the 2 pieces of yarn.

5.  take the two pieces of yarn, not the middle one, but the two outside pieces, and tie them together, you can pull them snuggly  tight.

6.  Once they are tight, bring the other two pieces together and tie them,

7.  Then take all the pieces together and tie them together.

8. Pull them all together and cut them to the length you want...I suggest at least 2 inch tails .  Any shorter than that and your tie may come undone.

I hope this helps you out.  Learning how to tie a quilt isn't really hard if you know what to do.  I learned in a couple days from a lady that had been quilting her whole life.  It took me a few tries to get it right.  So grab a piece of scrap fabric, sandwich it and practice.😁


  1. Thank you so much Sherrie! I tied one quilt in the late 1970s, and those ties have mostly come out. That center string on top of the other is the step I left out - because I didn't know about it! I made my son and daughter a quilt in 2019 and tied them because they like that look. I'll have to have them keep an eye on the ties. I really appreciate this tutorial and will bookmark it!

  2. I enjoyed reading your TO Do list, Sherrie. I have a similar number I'm sure if I were to list them all, especially those needing quilting. But working on any of them even a tiny bit moves it forward so I think it all counts. Meanwhile, Thanks so very much for writing out these steps. I love this old way to quilt and think it should be used more often. Happy Stitching You!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I have tied many quilts over the years, but never thought to add the extra piece of yarn!


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