Thursday, September 23, 2021


 Lee Anna over at Not Afraid of Color, hosts I Like Thursday.  Head over and check out what everyone is working on.  

Since I took inventory of my To-Do Box....and made a list of can see that list HERE.  I've decided to work on 1 project a week.  Maybe I'll make some progress if I stick to one.  Anyway, that's the plan.  This week I've been working on the Candy Hearts.  I've got another row on.

I need one more row on the right side, and another row on the bottom.  I've got my hearts all cut and they are ready to be sewed down.  Then comes the embroidery.  I'm hoping I get this to the filmsy stage by next week.  

I finished up the CSI series, the one in Vegas.  Now I've moved on to CSI Miami.  

As for reading....I'm about half way through the book I've been reading for a month.  I seem to have a book lag.  Can't seem to get interested enough to finish this book.

So that is what my week has been. T.V. and working on Candy Hearts.  I am hoping for a better week next week.  I'm linking up with:

Put Your Foot Down

Needle and Thread

Hope you all.....


  1. I have that book (Paris) but haven't started... I'm such a slow reader! The blueberry cake came from the internet, a 'strawberry cake" recipe that I sub blueberries and it's so good... can't remember where the recipe was from. When I try one from internet I print it out and print notes on it about making it... then forget the source after a while. Anyway, I can't find it! I wrote in it was from my slice of life but now can't find it...

  2. Sherrie, your hearts are coming right along! Super cute!!! I listen to my books. Check if your library has digital audio books = stitch and listen at the same time.

  3. I love your Candy Hearts quilt! It's gorgeous!

  4. Your candy hearts quilt is so fun! What a great idea, Sherrie!

  5. Hi Sherrie! Thanks for the info on your Candy quilt. I wondered how much more you needed to do on it. I like the CSI Vegas and Miami series. Enjoy! {{Hugs}} Take care and stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Your candy hearts quilt is just getting cuter by the minute! Love the background with the sashing. We've been watching too much TV and being way too lazy this week. And for no reason, because the weather has been cooler!

  7. Cute idea with the candy hearts. I don't read much anymore because the print keeps getting smaller and smaller, or maybe its my eyes. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  8. A better week? I think you had a great week! The hearts are really coming along. What a cute idea.

  9. My book I read before I got to sleep has been languishing too. I am just too tired to read once I get home. I like your plan. I have been trying to stick to one project a week, but there are times I get stuck, so pick up another UFO and work on that too. Then I have a mess.


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