Tuesday, July 12, 2022


 It's Tuesday, so it's time to check and see how my To-Do Tuesday went last week.

My list from last week....

1. Sandwich quilts.✔

2. Lay out Pink Baskets.✔

3, Put quilt room in order.👎

Last Friday I spent the afternoon sandwiching quilt filmsys.  I got 4 of them done.  Zoe's Flag Quilt is in the hoop

  and the 1. Red Work & Hearts, 2.Boo Quilt, and 3. Christmas Sampler are waiting their turn to be tied.

I also got the Pink Baskets laid out.  I really like the Green with the Pink.  It's going to take a whole lot more baskets to get this quilt done.  Thankfully I have been stocked up on Pink fabric!  I need to order some purple fabric, I'm down to bits and pieces of that one.


 As for the quilt room being back in order...I did it, but it lasted about 1 day.....now it's back to being disorganized again.  Next time I'll take a picture...lol.  

I also got another TAST  block done, taking place over at Pintangle  every Tuesday.  Crossed Buttonhole Stitch.  This is for Week 24.  Now I'm only 2  weeks behind. 

Now it's time to make my list for next week.

July12th through July 18th...

1. Organize the quilt room.

2. Make more basket blocks.

3. Finish tying Zoe's Flags and start the binding.

4. Work on my Hand Picked Quilt.  

5, Crochet some more Granny Squares.

6, Do Wk 25 and 26 TAST blocks.

Well, that's it for today...I'll be heading over to Texas Quilt Gals' place to check out everyone's To-Do Lists.  Hop over and check them out yourself.

Have an........

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  1. Hi Sherrie! How big is your quilting hoop? I love the green fabric with those pink baskets. Your embroidery stitches are growing - how many more do you have planned?
    Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!


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