Sunday, July 10, 2022

4 QUILT TOPS......

 sandwiched.  Friday I spent the afternoon sandwiching quilt tops.  I got 4 of them done.  First up is Zoe's Flag Quilt.  It's in the hoop being tied.  

Next is my Boo Quilt...this poor quilt top has been neglected for 5 years.  It was time to take it out of the box and finish it.  

Next one on the list is the Red Work Baskets.  I know everyone said to put the baskets on point, but I didn't have enough baskets to do that.  And besides I didn't actually know how to go about it.  I added some hearts to the mix and this is what I got.

And last on the list is my Christmas Sampler.  I really like the blue border on this.  Makes the whole quilt pop.  Well, the picture doesn't show the blue border very well.  Oh, get the idea.

Now comes the hard work, tying  and binding.  So I'll be working on these 4 quilts for a couple of weeks.  I'll post them here when finished.  They will go into my Quilts Finished  Tab at the top of my blog.  

As for today, my Slow Sunday Stitching will be working on tying Zoe's Flags.  And start the binding.

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  1. You are making great progress prepping quilts to finish!

  2. I'm impressed that you have so many quilts ready to be finished up, Sherrie! The Boo quilt is adorable!

  3. I've never tried quilts, is it quicker than machine quilting?

  4. Loving your quilt tops! My favorite is the basket quilt (setting it that way is fine). Have a safe and happy week!


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