Thursday, July 30, 2015


Summer of The Dead - Julia Keller

Product Description(
It's high summer in Acker's Gap, a small town nestled in the beautiful but poverty-stricken West Virginia mountains--but no one's enjoying the rugged natural landscape. Not while a killer stalks the town and its hard-luck inhabitants. County prosecutor Bell Elkins and her closest friend, Sheriff Nick Fogelsong, are stymied by a murderer who seems to come and go like smoke on the mountain. At the same time, Bell must deal with the return from prison of her sister, Shirley--who, like Bell, carries the indelible scars of a savage past.
In the third mystery chronicling the journey of Bell Elkins and her return to her Appalachian hometown, we also meet Lindy Crabtree--a coal miner's daughter with dark secrets of her own, secrets that threaten to explode into even more violence. Acker's Gap is a place of loveliness and brutality, of isolation and fierce attachments--a place where the dead rub shoulders with the living, and demand their due. 
Series: Bell Elkins Novels (Book 3) 
Paperback: 384 pages 
Publisher: Minotaur Books (July 28, 2015) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1250044758 
ISBN-13: 978-1250044754

MY THOUGHTS:  New author for me.  Really great book, enjoyed reading this.  Lots of info to keep up with, but made the story so much better.  There are 2 murders in Acker's Gap and it seems they may have a serial killer on the loose.  But the evidence doesn't support this thought, but the clues are hard to come by.  For every clue they find, they seem to go backwards 2 steps.  It all links back to a childhood friend and a child born out of wedlock.  But it takes Bell and Sheriff Fogelsong some time before they figure it all out.  Really good book.

This book is also for my Reading Every Season Summer Reading Challenge.

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