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Ideal - Ayn Rand

Product Description(
Originally conceived as a novel, but then transformed into a play by Ayn Rand, Ideal is the story of beautiful but tormented actress Kay Gonda. Accused of murder, she is on the run and turns for help to six fans who have written letters to her, each telling her that she represents their ideal—a respectable family man, a far-left activist, a cynical artist, an evangelist, a playboy, and a lost soul. Each reacts to her plight in his own way, their reactions a glimpse into their secret selves and their true values. In the end their responses to her pleas give Kay the answers she has been seeking.

Ideal was written in 1934 as a novel, but Ayn Rand thought the theme of the piece would be better realized as a play and put the novel aside. Now, both versions of Ideal are available for the first time ever to the millions of Ayn Rand fans around the world, giving them a unique opportunity to explore the creative process of Rand as she wrote first a book, then a play, and the differences between the two. 
Hardcover: 256 pages 
Publisher: NAL; 1St Edition edition (July 7, 2015) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0451475550 
ISBN-13: 978-0451475558

MY THOUGHTS:  This is my book clubs choice for October.  It is also a very short book.  I read it in a few hours.  I seldom read books like this.  Well, the play part anyway.  I was a really great contrast.  Reading the original book and then the play.  I thought it would be the same, but it's totally different.  The characters in the play are the same, with a couple extra's.  I got a whole different perspective of the book after reading the play.  I give this book 4......

This book is also for the Full House Reading Challenge.

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