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The Wednesday Wars - Gary D. Schmidt

My Book Beginning
Of all the kids in the seventh grade at Camillo Junior High, there was one kid that Mrs. Baker hated with heat whiter than the sun.
And let me tell you, it wasn't for anything I'd done.
If it had been Doug Swieteck that Mrs. Baker hated, it would have made sense.

This beginning made me want to read on to find out why this teacher hated him or was it his imagination?  My review will be posted tomorrow as I'm almost done with this book.

My Friday 56
At lunch recess, Doug Swietck's brother lurched across the field, sixth graders scurrying out of his way as if he was a southwest wind about to blister them all over.
"Thou jesting monkey thou," I said.
Not that he could hear it.
Right after recess, I found that the eighth graders had filled the boy's restroom with smoke so thick you couldn't even smell the disinfectant.

Book Blogger Hop

If you could give away books instead of candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween Night, what would the titles be?

The If You Give A......books by Laura Numeroff.   I've got the whole series and my grand kids just love them. 



  1. This one sounds good...I do want to know why that teacher dislikes the kid.

    Love your blog header!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Not heard of that one, thanks for featuring it. :)


  3. I definitely want to know more about this book! Thanks for spotlighting it...Here's My Friday Post

  4. I like those books too.

    I made a bad choice with my isn't even a Halloween book. LOL!! Wasn't thinking I guess. It is a favorite book.

    Happy Halloween and Happy Hopping!!

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    My Blog Hop Answer

  5. This sounds like a good story. I've seen the book around but never given it a try. I am spotlighting Young Widows Club by Alexandra Coutts this week. Happy reading!

  6. I love the If You Give A... books! They're so fun to read. The Wednesday Wars sounds familiar but I don't think I've read it. I love the sound of the teasers! It sounds like a fun book!

  7. Another series new to me. This is way I like this hop.My Hop

  8. Hi Sherrie,

    Thank you for deciding to visit Fiction Books this week. I love 'meeting' new people, so your visits and comments will always be welcome and appreciated.

    I have been checking out your craft pages and now I am green with envy. My crochet skills don't go much beyond super large granny square blankets, which I make for charity and pale into oblivion next to your own lovely Afghans.

    School was a long time ago for me, but I can still remember the teachers who liked me and those who always seemed to have it in for me, for no particular reason! As I really loved school and homework projects, to have a teacher single me out for anything not quite right, was terrible and upset me no end!

    Although this probably isn't a book I would personally read, your excerpts intrigued me and the book has received so many excellent ratings and reviews, that you are sure to enjoy it :)

    Have a lovely weekend.


  9. Now I want to know why the child thinks the teachers hates them. Happy Friday!

  10. It's sad the teacher hates him. Can't make it easy to go to class.

    Here's my 56 -

  11. Sounds like a good read. I like the beginning. Maybe he just feels that way, y'know teenage angst and all...
    Happy weekend!


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