Saturday, October 17, 2015


I was blog hopping and found this idea.  Seems like a pretty good idea so I'm going to give it a try.  Melinda over at West Metro Mommy Reads is where I found the idea.  This is Melinda's idea......

"While on a road trip, I realized the fun of reading books set in the local area--especially when I was not a local!  I thought of doing a "One book from each state" challenge, but I'm not really a big fan of challenges.  Instead, I decided to keep an index of books set in different states."

She has a page set up for this purpose, so I'll set one up for myself.  It will be at the top of my blog under Books by State.   I've always wanted to see how many different places I've traveled through books and this seems like a great way to do it.

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  1. I've heard about things like this - especially for YA literature in schools. Fun idea!


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