Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I went to the kids school fair a few months ago.  They were holding a silent auction.  I wanted to see what they had, so popped in to check it out.  I was browsing the tables and there was a stack of books and tote bag.  It was Ken Follett's series Fall of Giants.  All three books in the series!!  I was so thrilled about this.  I've been wanting to read this series.  The high bid was 12.00.  So I bid 15.00.  And I won!!!!!  The books were donated to the auction by our local library.  The books are all large print  and hardback. 

Book 1
Fall of Giants

Book 2
Winter of the World

Book 3
Edge of Eternity

Book one has 1,241 pages, so this is not going to be a fast book to read.  I'm just going to read it occasionally.

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