Wednesday, July 27, 2016


We have a place out back that we dump our garbage, all the "critters" come to eat this.  Once in a while something pops up in the garbage pile.
Tomatoes...just hoping they get to turn red.  They are kind of tiny now, hoping the frost doesn't get here too early this year. 
There is a Cantaloupe in there too.  It's just now starting to bloom.  Don't think this one will get a full melon on it before frost time.  And of course what's summer without a good roll in the dust.
Toby having a roll-fest in the dust. 

I'm linking up with Jesh over at Art Work from Jesh for Seasons.  Hop over and check  out all the photos everyone is sharing.


  1. Nice having tomatoes. Love them. We always have lot of cherry tomatoes in the summer. Love the picture of your dog

  2. Don't know if my comment got through ...
    Welcome to SEASONS! Always nice to see the start of what you planted growing! Hope you'll be able to eat from them. A good roll in the dust is always good:)
    A suggestion for next week: the photo link opens Sunday (midnight 12 am). It's the early birds who often get most of the comments:) Hope to see you back very soon!

  3. This is a perfect summer post for Seasons. I sure do hope your tomatoes ripen on time -- there is nothing better straight out of the garden. We 'make do' with the ones from the Farmer's Market because we don't garden any more... they are good, certainly better than supermarket fake ones.


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