Thursday, July 28, 2016


We have a corner in our yard that has grown up "wild".  Lots of plants and "critters" live here.  It's like it's own Eco-system.  I'll try and name a few of the plants here, but don't know all of them.

Climbing the wall is Honeysuckle and Trumpet Vines.  There is also some Wild Poke to the left.  It has fallen down, but there is still a small piece there.  They are done right done, but some lilies and daffodils are in here also.  The little bird house has nesting English Sparrows.  They raise their babies and they fly away.  As for the trees in the background, they are mostly maple trees, with the exception of the Blue Spruce.  It is over 60 ft. tall and still growing.  But it is getting a little raggedy with age.  Here's another view....
This window is our living room.  When your sitting there you can see everything going on in this Wild Place.  Did I mention there are squirrels and chipmunks roaming around here?  I haven't seen any, but I'm almost sure there are some bunnies living in here.    I'm linking up with Kim over at Little by Little.  Hop over and take a peek at Kim's place.


  1. Trumpet vines are pretty but never again will I plant one. They don't stop growing!


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