Monday, June 29, 2020


I Dream of Murder - Catherine Dexter

A teenage boy is haunted by a dream from his childhood in which a young woman is murdered in the park across from his house. But he soon discovers that his nightmare is all too true, in this spine-tingling mystery.(Amazon)

I bought this book at our library book sale last fall.  It is listed as a Junior Fiction book.  My library has a lot of Junior Fiction books...they are really good books...I've read several of them...If you like mysteries... you love this book.  Jere keeps have a dream of seeing someone shot in the park across the street from his house.  He can't explain it, until he tells his mother about the dream...just by chance. Jere and his friend Avery go to the Zoo and Jere sees someone that seems familiar to him.

Can't say anything else as it will give away the book.  I give this book *****

This book is for 3 of my reading challenges....

Color Coded Challenge
Alphabet Soup Challenge
Book Jar Challenge

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