Sunday, June 21, 2020


Over at Quilting is more fun than's time for Oh! Scrap...Head over and see all the "scraps" everyone is sharing.  I'm playing catch up for RSC...I've got May-Dark Green, June-Pink and January-Light Green are done...I've got 5 Crazy Quilt blocks for May, June, and I'll be working on February this week-end....which is Orange.  This is my Slow Sunday Stitching project for the weekend.
I also got the last row on the Leaf I have to decide if I want a border or not....what do you think about this?   Let me know what you think.
 I'm pretty sure I got my 15 minutes of stitching time in this week... plus lots of extra time.
6/14/20 to 6/20/2020
7 of 7 days
May 31 to June 6

I took a stroll around our yard...I've got lots of flowers blooming right's really hard to decide which one to show you....I think I'll go with the Yucca.  My son, Tommy, is cleaning out all the dead from last year and pulling the Honeysuckle vines out.
Close up of the Blooms...
Close up of the Buds....
Hope you all have an awesome......


  1. Great leaf quilt, and lovely flowers! Happy stitching!

  2. Your leaf quilt is coming together beautifully! I'm not sure about a border, unless you could find the perfect leaf fabric. The yucca blossoms are really pretty, too!

  3. I think a border would frame it all, but it is ultimately your call, based on whether or not you have a good option or the border. Lovely blooms!! How much do you have to water the "Tommy" bloom? LOL!!!

  4. Pretty yucca blossoms....I would have enjoyed seeing more of your garden. The leaf quilt is fabulous. I think I wouldn't have a border, but then if you find the perfect fabric, a border would be great. You will make the right decision.

  5. Pretty blooms! Your Leaf quilt is looking good. It doesn't need a border, but I agree with Diane. A nice leafy green border would make a nice frame for all those blocks.


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