Sunday, June 28, 2020


I haven't worked on the Bee Quilt this week..had to take it out of the hoop to get Zoey's quilt in the hoop to tie it.  Zoey's quilt needs to be done by August...and the quilt is kind of bigger than I usually make my it's going to take a while to get it done. 
I have started on one of the large blocks of my bee quilt.  I was waiting for my black and brown quilting thread to get here.  I finally arrived last week.  This is what I've got done so far.
Here's a close up of one of the bees...
I'm a really slow quilter and I'm sure my quilt will never win a ribbon...but I'm doing my best and  it makes me happy seeing the progress I'm making...joining this HQAL has gave me the inspiration to work on this quilt.  Thank you everyone for the push!

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I'm also still working on my Crazy Quilt blocks...have a nice little pile done...

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Hope everyone has and awesome stitching....


  1. The Bee Quilt and Zoey's quilt are adorable!

  2. Those bees are adorable. I like the way you are quilting it too!

  3. Slow doesn't matter, and prize-winning isn't important. What's important is making things for those you love, and who love you back. Both bees and Zoey's are cute as anything, no apologies are needed for those at all!

  4. I love your bee quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. Zoey's quilt is such fun and as for your bee quilt it is lovely. Your quilting may not be perfect and the stitches sometimes will not behave and walk behind each other in an even and straight line, but when it is all done your quilt is going to look amazing. I love your bee quilt! It makes me smile.

  6. I think you underestimate yourself! The bee quilt is great.

  7. You've got two very fun quilts in the works. Both are looking good.


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