Sunday, June 7, 2020


I've been so distracted this past week....I had my niece here for 2 weeks.....chores to do around the house stacked up....I work best when I'm alone with my family...but having company throws me off for some not much quilting got done....I tried to post my Scrap Happy post yesterday, but my son and grand kids kept me distracted...I did get 2 pink Sunbonnet Sue Blocks done.

I also got 2 Pink Crazy Quilt Blocks done...these are for the RSC 2020 challenge....I'm making a quilt out of all the colors for 2020...if I can find out what January - April colors are???  Can anyone help with this...

I DID NOT get the ABC Quilt tied

or any quilting on my Bee Quilt....

I think I've got tooooo many projects going keep up a steady pace on any one of them....I'm going to have to make a chart of some kind and just sew on that specific project.  I'll figure something out that works for me...I hope.
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  1. Pretty Sue in pink! I believe January was bright and light green, February was Orange, March was teal or aqua, April was light blue and May was dark green. Good luck.

  2. Your Sun Bonnet Sue blocks are really cute. I like working on multiple projects, but if you don't set some priorities, nothing ever gets finished. Hope you can work out a strategy that works for you.

  3. Sunbonnet Sue blocks are lovely. I too am working on multiple projects and I am fine on my regular schedule, but spent almost 2 months working on charity quilts and am now trying to catch up on my regular stuff! Good luck!

  4. It is nice to have many projects to work on...every day you have a choice to make!! fun fun!!

  5. I have decided that I can only concentrate on 2 or 3 projects at a time. I had considered starting a quilt project this past week, but I decided that I have to finish something I am currently working on first. Then I can either go to another UFO or start something new. We shall see. I love the Sunbonnet Sue blocks that you made. I am similar to you in that when my son or daughter visits, I get very little crafting completed. I am always itching to get back to it once they leave.

  6. Your Sunbonnet Sues and crazy quilt blocks are pretty in pink! It's definitely a lot harder to get the things done that you want to do when there's company around. Hope you have more time to yourself this week!

  7. In light of your distraction, you did well to get those PINK blocks done for the RSC!!

  8. With less on the schedule it seems harder to concentrate. It's fun to see a new generation of Sunbonnet Sues.

  9. Pick one project and work on it for a week, that works for me. Then the following week you will be ready to work on another project perhaps, moving them all along a week at a time.

  10. I am a Sunbonnet Sue fan - so cute! I am also in love with your bee quilt. Are you hand quilting it?

    A chart is a good idea. I mostly make weekly goals and enjoy checking them off!


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