Monday, June 8, 2020


Have a tree you want to show off?  Head over to The Squirrel Basket to check out what everyone is sharing about their tree. 

This is my tree...a maple...
I took some pictures this month of happenings in and around the tree.  Remember this hole...
my son told me it's a Squirrel Nest...not sure about that seems to close to the ground.  So I went to google to find out about Squirrel Nests...this is what I found....
  • Tree Cavity Den – A tree cavity den is often first created by a woodpecker, abandoned by that bird and later claimed by a squirrel. Other tree cavity dens are created through the natural processes that can hollow out an old tree. These homes are squirrel favorites because they provide the best protection from rain, wind and snow.
So I guess it could be a nest...I've seen the squirrels sitting in this hole while eating.  but not must be a stop over while hunting for food.

I also got some pictures of what is at the base of the tree.  Mostly weeds
this is a dandelion growing at the base of the tree.  And I'm not sure what this is, but it has some pretty little yellow blooms...
The Brown and Black Squirrels were at it again...chasing each other up and down the tree.
You can't see too much of them....just a leg of the black squirrel.  Well, that's it for now.

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  1. Hello Sherrie, your tree looks a lovely large tree, a nice shape, the bark looks old and deeply textured, the hole is interesting, I wonder how deep it goes, lots of creatures seem to like living in tree holes, I imagine they can make nice cosy homes. Frances

  2. I can imagine that's a lovely cosy home for a squirrel family!

  3. I like old trees with holes and crevises and personality in it. They are beautiful

  4. I like how you made the maple tree the subject. If we observe well even the simplest of things has so much happening in and around them .......just like this tree

  5. We too have a maple in our yard. It is a silver maple which are prone to breakage so it is cabled to hopefully protect the house if it falls or splits as silver maples are know to do..

  6. I love that huge tree hole - looks more like a cave you could get lost in.
    And do you think that pretty yellow flower could be Oxalis (wood sorrel)?
    What a great tree!
    All the best :)

  7. It's the season of squirrel chasing here too. Keeps the dog well-entertained!

  8. I *KNEW* that I’d read about tree following on somebody’s wonderful blog lately, I just couldn’t remember whose it was. So glad I saw another tree post on Your blog and thank you for reminding me that I can do it this year! (Because for the first time in years we are actually in one place for the whole growing season). I’m watching my daughters black walnut tree. ..... I do love your Maple, with all its nooks and crannies and magical shelters! Indeed a tree worth watching.


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