Tuesday, June 2, 2020


To-Do Tuesday May 26th to June 1st
1. Sandwich ABC Quilt
2. Tie ABC Quilt
3.  Cut binding for ABC Quilt
4. Learn a new embroidery stitch

I got the Happy Scrappy Quilt done....
From my list last week...only 2 got checked off.  I did learn a new embroidery stitch....Sharon over at Pintangle has a new embroidery stitch every Tuesday...Plus if you want a challenge...she has Beyond TAST...plus she has an embroidery dictionary you check out...there are lots of embroidery stitches and the tutorial for that stitch.  The embroidery stitch I learned is Raised Herringbone Band...
I need to practice on that one a little more.

My To-Do List for June 2nd to June 8th

1. Tie the ABC Quilt
2. Start the Binding
3. Sandwich Zoey's Quilt
4. Learn a new embroidery stitch.

The ABC Quilt is in the hoop ready to be tied.
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  1. Hi Sherrie! Great job on getting two items checked off. You did better than me. Your ABC quilt looks like fun, and I enjoy seeing your embroidery stitches that you've learned each week. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Awe, your Happy Scrappy quilt is adorable. Hand tying quilts is a lost art, the ABC quilt is going to be just as adorable. Thank you for stopping by my blog today, I hope you'll come back Thursday and link up your progress. I've never been to your site before so I am going to stay a while (between working) and snoop around.

  3. Your Happy Scrappy quilt is cute as can be! Congratulations on getting it finished!

  4. Your happy scrappy quilt is cute, cute, cute! I hope it will be loved by someone special. I am partial to fun garden critters, especially ladybugs. Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt at the Chameleon's Colour & Inspiration Party.

  5. Happy Scrappy is so delightful. I am smitten with it!

  6. So cute, I love your Happy Scrappy quilt!

  7. Those lady bugs are just too cute for words!


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