Saturday, June 27, 2020


It's a rainy day working on my RSC quilt blocks will be a good project...along with working on Zoey's quilt.

I've been playing catch up on the RSC challenge.  I have 4 more blocks to make for April and I'll be all caught up....just in time for the new color in July.  June has been PINK..I've got them all done. 




I am making 5 Crazy Quilt blocks for each color...which at the end of the year will give me  60 8 1/2" blocks.....then they also need to be embellished...this is going to be a quilt that will be put on my To-Finish list....when it comes to embellishing them...sometimes a block will sit for days...while I figure out how I want to embellish it.  So you could say this is a long term quilt that will be waiting a while to get finished.  IN THE MEAN TIME.........

I've got Zoey's quilt in the hoop and started tying it.
I didn't relize how big this quilt was until I started putting it together....I was going for twin size but it's bigger than a twin size.  I haven't measured it...witch is a bad thing for me...I tend to eyeball it on measurements...but I'd say it's between a twin and full size.  It should fit Zoey's twin bed.  The date to have this finished is before Zoey's birthday in August.  Hopefully I'll get done in time. 

Hope you all have a wonderful.....

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  1. What fun crazy quilt blocks you have made! Good luck with the tying... I never thought to put it in a hoop to tie. Great idea!

  2. Those are pretty crazy quilt blocks! They're going to make a fun quilt when you put them all together!

  3. Have fun embellishing your PINK blocks for the RSC!!

  4. Tying that quilt looks like a blast!!! You've got this!

  5. Great crazy blocks. Totally understand how this will truly be a long-term project. Zoey's quilt looks FUN!


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