Wednesday, June 3, 2020


I have lots of Quilt UFO's.....I love making the tops, but HATE putting them together.... I've been making tops for years and never doing anything about putting them together.  I was blog hopping today and ran across Dreamworthy Quilts.....she has a UFO quilt challenge I would love to join...and maybe I can get these tops finished.  The name of the challenge is UFO Number Draw Challenge.  The idea is to number your quilts to finish and pick one for the month.  You can get all the info for this challenge HERE.

So I've made my list....My list will be in my Tabs, titled UFO Challenge.
 1. Zoe's Quilt
2. Valentine Quilt
3. Under the Sea Quilt
4. Leaf Quilt
5. Jar Quilt
6. Red Work Quilt

Since I'm joining in on this challenge late I only have to get 6 quilts finished for the year.  The first one on the list is Zoe's Quilt.  The top is finished and it's next up for sandwiching.
The green is the border on the quilt.  The top is done and the border is on....just have to sandwich it and put the binding on....I'm thinking about using black for the binding.....what do you think about black?


  1. Black would be perfect! It will be really flashy and look great with both the front and the back. Zoey's quilt is so darling! I love the sashing fabric!

  2. Hi Sherrie! I think black would be perfect. It will pull out all the black highlights in the piecing like the smile on the phone (I think it is a phone) or the words in the bubble. ~smile~ Roseanne


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