Tuesday, April 12, 2022


 a bust....didn't get anything done on my list from last week.

1.  Put border around Christmas Sampler👎

2. Work some more Circle Quilt.👎

3.  Work on Trailing Vines embroidery.👎

The 3 things I worked on this week....

Circle Quilt (Quilty 365)

Red Work Quilt

This picture shows it laid out on my design floor.  But it's almost a filmsey.  One more heart to applique.

And my SAHRR,  still working on the bugs.

 I also got my Wk 13 TAST stitch done.  Button Hole Wheel.  The stitch for Wk 14 is Cable Chain Stitch.  I'll be working on that one this week.

My list for Tuesday...April 12th through April 18th

1. Finish hearts and put on border for Red Work Quilt

2. Finish putting  Dec. together.

3. Work on SAHRR Bugs. 

4. Start Wk. 14 Stitch(Cable Chain Stitch)

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Hope you all......



  1. Even if you didn't work on the items on your list,you got a lot done on other things! I love your redwork quilt!

  2. I like those circles, and the redwork almost-flimsy is beautiful! Your embroidery stitches look great on your TAST project.
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!


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