Tuesday, May 31, 2022


 so it's time for my To-Do Tuesday, being hosted by Linda.  Here is last weeks list.

1.Work on SAHRR center panel.

2. Do Wk 20 of TAST👎

3. Do more Hand Picked blocks.

4. Cut Blue Baskets.

5. Work on Quilty 365

 The SAHRR center panel is coming along.  I've gotten side tracked on this one.  But I'll get back to it soon.

Well, I did pretty good with this weeks list, 4 of 5 done.  That's pretty good for me.  As for the TAST stitches 19 and 20, Oyster stitch and the Basque stitch isn't getting done.  I've tried for 2 weeks to get these 2 stitches, I've wore out several pieces of Muslin doing these 2 stitches, so I've given up.  So I'll move on to Wk 21, which is the Raised Herringbone Band.  It involves 2 stitches and lacing.  Just click on the link above to see this stitch tutorial.

 as for the Hand Picked blocks, I didn't get any actually done, but I have several traced.  So I'm counting this as done.


My Blue Basket have turned pink.  I was digging around in my blues and didn't think I had enough to work on this, so they are now going to be pink.  They will be different pinks....you can see my post about this HERE.

 I got the last row of Quilty 365 done, but when I went looking for the pink fabric I used for the strips, well, there was none. 

  I've searched hi and low on the internet looking for it, but, nope haven't found any.  So the last strip will have to be a different color.  Any suggestions!!!!

While I blog hopping I found a Crochet-a-Long....I think I'll join in. 
 To-Do List for May 21st through June 2nd

1. Make some more Flag blocks.

2. Do TAST wk 21, Raised Herringbone Band.

3. Make a decision on pink strip.

4. Sandwich a quilt.

5. Work on Hand Picked Blocks

6. Do more Pink Baskets.

7.  Make Summer Color Granny Squares.


  1. Bummer on the missing fabric. I took a good look at it to see if some was residing in my stash but it didn't look familiar at all. Do you have anything close? Or maybe some light turquoise or another lighter fabric that is actually in the quilt? Good luck deciding what to use. But, honestly, think about it as a design choice rather than as running out of fabric!

  2. Oh heartbreaking over no more pink. Hope you come up with some ideas. The quilt is just beautiful and looks like it took a lot of work.

  3. I just watched Mary Corbet video on the Oyster stitch, and if I tried it I would have to continually watch the video - what a complicated stitch and not one that is easy to memorize. I'd move on too - lol! I wish I had some of the pink fabric to help you out. I like Bonnie's philosophy about it being a design choice :D
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


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