Tuesday, May 24, 2022


 My To-Do Tuesday list this week is a total big fat O....I didn't get anything on my list done.  Here's my list from last week.

1.  Start sewing down the Farmer on SAHRR👎

2. Put the last row on Quilty 365👎

3. Do Wk. 19 for TAST, Oyster Stitch.👎

4. This one is a maybe...sandwich a couple quilts.👎

I did get my farmer pattern cut out....and pinned to the fabric.  I'll start working on him today.

I'll finish up the TAST Wk 19 Oyster stitch.....This is the tree...the Oyster Stitch are the leaves.


.and start the new one for Wk 20...Basque Stitch.

My Hand Picked quilt was also neglected.  This is the last one I done.  My needles are threaded and ready to get busy...just have to trace the design on.

My To-Do Tuesday for May 24 through May 30th.

1.Work on SAHRR center panel.

2. Do Wk 20 of TAST

3. Do more Hand Picked blocks.

4. Cut Blue Baskets.

5. Work on Quilty 365.

That's it for today....have and great sewing.....



  1. Some weeks are just like that - life gets in the way! Fortunately, our projects are still waiting for us when we get back to them

  2. Some weeks are just like that! Guess what? A new week is ahead! :o)

  3. Hey welcome to my world. Every time I go in the sewing room, it seems I am dog-sitting the puppy. I can't wait for him to get out of this puppy stage! I love your little farmer, and your embroidery stitches are, as always, beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  4. Hi Sherrie! We ALL have weeks like that. In fact, I plan a few of them on purpose. The farmer is so darn cute. He will be fun to work on! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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