Tuesday, May 3, 2022


 projects have been done this week.  And my To-Do Tuesday list is kind of pretty good. Here's my list from last week.

1. Work on the bugs on SAHRR.

2.  Do Butterfly and Coral Stitches for TAST.

3.  Put the Circle Quilt together.👎   

4. Start a new project.  You can read about that ...HERE.

My SAHRR is coming along...one more side of bugs to sew down.

I didn't get the Coral Stitch done, but I did get the Butterfly Chain done.

The Quilty 365 is almost done...I still need to sew on Oct, Nov. and Dec.  And the pink strips.

Well, that's it for today...my To-Do Tuesday for May 3rd through May 9th.

1.  Do the TAST stitch for Wks. 16, Coral Stitch and 17,  Bullion Knot.

2. Work some more on SAHRR.

3. Finish putting Quilty 365 together. 

4.  Do some more embroidery on my new project. (I'll have pictures next week.)

Hope you all have a great.....



  1. What a great job you did on last week's list! Everything is looking good. Good luck with your embroidery blocks. They always take a while. Wishing a successful upcoming week.

  2. Your SAHRR is almost done! I love seeing the progress of your TAST project, and that 365 quilt looks great.
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  3. Getting close on that 365--great job! Good luck, too!


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