Sunday, May 8, 2022



Today I'm doing nothing but work on a couple quilts....that means no dishes, laundry, or cleaning up messes.  What will I be working on, you might ask.  I have to finish my birdhouse for RSC 2022.  I also have a couple blocks to re-do.  Wrong words and leaf for the's for the Color Challenge I'm working on.  I also need to work on my TAST stitches.....I'm behind.  I have the Coral Stitch and the Bullion stitches to do.   

I was getting out all the quilt tops that need to be sandwiched this morning. This is all of those tops.

Since I finally made it to Hobby Lobby last week, I'll be putting a coupe of these together in the coming weeks.  

Boo Quilt

Alexis's Quilt

Red Work Quilt

So that's what my plans are....we'll see how far this goes.  I sometimes get distracted by those sneaky squirrels.

Hope you all have.....

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  1. I'm just a dog mom but will take the happy wishes! My poodle gave me a nice snuggle this morning, because he can't make breakfast for me (or he'd eat it himself)

  2. I was looking forward to a pampered day, but my husband ended up not feeling well. Our children are grown and on their own so it is just the two of us. Enjoy all of your stitching. I hope you get some of those pretty quilts sandwiched and quilted soon.

  3. Although we dont have any squirrels living in the wild here in New Zealand, I'm not sure how they get to sneak into my sewing room, they must be magical! Good luck with those quilts all getting ready to be finished off, they look lovely.

  4. That is an amazing pile of quilts to finish... enjoy!


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