Sunday, May 22, 2022


 I haven't got any quilty stuff that really needs done today or any time soon.  So I've got some free time to work on what ever I want.  I have some embroidery to catch up on. My TAST stitch for this week....the Oyster Stitch...I've got my design part way done....just have to add the Oyster stitch.  This is the design I'm using.  I'll be finishing this up today.

  I've also got to cut some basket's to start my basket quilt.  I also need to sandwich a couple quilts, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I need room to pull my cutting table that means re-arranging my little quilt room.  And I can't do that with the grandkids of them has his computer here in my quilt room, along with mine...they only have 4 days of school left....then out for the summer.  

So I think I'll work on my afghan today.  It's getting bigger, but I haven't worked on it for a while.  I ran out of the orange yarn and didn't get any until a couple weeks ago.  I also picked up a couple more colors to add to this afghan.  This is going to be a lap Afghan, so it doesn't have to be too much bigger.

I have a stack of 4 1/2" blocks cut out for something, not sure what I was going to do with these.  But I'll figure out something to use them for.  Maybe some embroidery or a small applique will work.

Well, that's it for today....have a wonderful stitching.....

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  1. Pretty embroidery, and the lap afghan its really cool,love the look of the varigated yarn in the center. Happy slow stitching.

  2. I looked up the oyster stitch and it looks really fun! Such a happy afghan!

  3. Your embroidery and afghan are really pretty. School doesn't end until June 24th for me. :(

  4. Hope you were able to make the most of your stitching time. The afghan is bright and fun.


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