Tuesday, May 10, 2022

TO-DO LIST......

 My To-Do List last week....

1.  Do the TAST stitch for Wks. 16, Coral Stitch and 17,  Bullion Knot.👎

2. Work some more on SAHRR.

3. Finish putting Quilty 365 together. 👎

4.  Do some more embroidery on my new project. (I'll have pictures next week.

 I didn't get my TAST stitches done. You can see the TAST stitches over at Pintangle.  Sharon has a new stitch every Tuesday.  Now I've got 3 to catch up on.

I've got all the bugs sewed down on SAHRR...just have to finish up the embroidery.  Then on to the middle block.  I know there will be a farmer and some seeds...I'll have to see what else will be there.

I didn't get Quilty 365 done.  I've had to do some adjustments to this.  I started this project in 2016, when i first started quilting...long before I knew about 1/4" seam allowances.  So there are some puckers and other boos boos along the way.  But I'm making progress, I got October, November and December done.  And I started adding the pink strip between them.

My new project is called Hand Picked...it's in Issue 176 of American Patchwork & Quilting, page 84.

I got 3 blocks embroidered.  I'm not going to fast on this one.  

I was going to use these orange squares, but I'm really NOT  liking the way they look with the other blocks.  I really want to use light colors for them.  So I'll have to search my fabric for some light colors.

Now for my list for next week...

1.  Start working on center block of SAHRR.

2. Put the last row on Quilty 365

3. Embroider more blocks for Hand Picked.

4. Catch up on my monthly challenges. RSC 2022, Color Challenge and National Day Calendar.  Hopefully I'll have some new blocks to show you next week.  Hope you all have great stitching.....

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  1. I think your 365 project looks fabulous, Sherrie! It reminds me of penny tiles. Circles were an ambitious choice for you when you were a beginner quilter and I think it's awesome that you stuck with it and did such a great job!

  2. TAST stitching sounds interesting. I'll have to take a look. Your 365 project reminds me of a temperature quilt. It's beautiful!

  3. Amazing what we learn as we go......but it was fun getting there.

  4. Yay for getting your bugs sewed down! I just love Quilty 365, looks so pretty with all those colors. I like the look of Hand Picked, that's going to be lovely.
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!


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