Monday, February 6, 2012


It was kind of a lazy week here. Full of play and fun for the twins and reading and crocheting for me. The weather was cold most of the week but the last 2 days it's been in the 50's and 60's. Weird for February, we should be below zero and snow on the ground. Here's my week.

My weary picture. Bubber is wore out and taking a nap.

Luke standing in front of the fridge. "What should I grab first."

Our internet connection. The black box on the left.

Bella "reading" one of her favorite books, Corduroy.

Sweets anyone, Pecan Spins and Mountain Dew.

Luke throwing the bag of baby wipes. Love his expression.

Bella sitting at the desk playing with the keyboard, which she's not suppose to do. I cropped, put a frame around it and added some sepia tone.


  1. I really like that last one- so cute!

  2. Love the last picture... and the face of Luke throwing the baby wipes is one I'm quite familiar with!! =)

  3. My little one spends a lot of time staring in the refrigerator too... and always picks yogurt.

  4. That last one is great and those sweets look yummy!


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