Monday, February 20, 2012


Got out of the house last week and got some pictures. The weather was really nice, but cloudy. Now it's back to cold again this week. The weather has been like a yo-yo this winter. One week warm the next cold.

The full moon.

These railroad tracks look a little lonely. They aren't used much.

The female deer at our little zoo is being inspected by the lone buck. I suspect we will have some new babies in the spring.

What is it? It's a dirt mover. The dirt goes through several buckets and gets all broken up so you can take it home.

A view of the river from the walkway, which was a scary thing for me. I have an awful fear of heights.

My hubby's reflection while getting gas.

The cement floor in the laundry room. The twins like feeling this for some reason.


  1. Love that full moon! And there is something really cool about those tracks!

  2. Great photos. I love the railroad tracks. Beautiful.


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