Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos is the host for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Hop over and see what everyone is sharing.

Love - this was a hard one. But Luke gave me a picture. He *loves* to play with the pans, but sitting in them.

Duplicated - having twins you have to have two of everything. Toys, clothes, food, and of course car seats. And why are they sitting in the front room? The straps need adjusting as Bella and Luke are growing like weeds.

Trend - wasn't too sure what to do with this one. So I went to Google. What better way to find out about *trends* than reading a book. has one you can read about trends. The book is Futurecast by George Barna.

Paper - some of my favorite *paper* is when I'm working on a scrapbook page. This is a page I done of the twins. I call it Life is a Journey.

Plastic - lots of *plastic* here. Measuring cups, spices, cooking oil and pancake syrup are all plastic containers.

Next week's list:

1. Crossed
2. A Glimpse
3. Handwritten
4. Bliss
5. Gray


  1. Good set. Love - So Adorable
    Duplicated, I thought about "twins" but since I don't have twins I had no twin photo's, lucky you.

  2. Great set - I bet you do have duplicates of everything!

  3. What great shots this week. I bet it's hard to find time to scrapbook with twins..

  4. Oh yes- the car seats!!! I remember when all 3 of my kids still needed one. Now we are finally down to 1 booster & that is it.


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