Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've been working on a crochet bag. I got the pattern over at Lucy's place, Attic 24. She's an awesome crocheter and has some great tutorials at her place. I've always wanted to make a crocheted bag, but never tried it. Lucy has a tutorial for a crochet bag and so I jumped in. Her tutorials are listed on the left on her side bar. If you've never been to Lucy's place, you should hop over and check out her hooky stuff. As for the crochet bag...........drum roll please.

It's all done! It took me about 2 weeks of working on it when I had the time. But I love it. I can get everything in there that I'm working on. At the moment it has all the "stuff" I need to work on my Granny Got Color blanket. I've got the first row done, want to see.........

I also got a ball done. I made this for Bella. She's always trying to steal my balls of yarn, so thought I'd make her a ball, did it work, well no of course not. She's a pretty smart little girl. She knows the difference. But she likes her ball.

Well that's it for me.


  1. Oh my am so in love with your crochet bag, from someone who knits but can't crochet am well envious. Love the blanket and the ball is too cute.

  2. Your bag is just fab - might have to go and look for the tutorial now :)

    L x

  3. Love the bag and the ball!! That blanket is going to be beautiful.

    I can't wait to see how your ornaments go for March Madness! What a great idea!

  4. Love the bag, ball and blanket to be! I'm looking forward to seeing your March Madness Christmas ornaments, too. Lucy's blog is fabulous isn't it? I am totally *coff* hooked!


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