Sunday, April 25, 2021


 Yesterday I cut the binding for the Teapot Quilt.  Also the strips for the Tile Quilt.  The one on the right is the binding looks like it's red but it's brown print.

I also cut the strips for the Salt and Sand Quilt.  Now I can start adding the Clams.  I didn't want to use white for the I searched out Google's advice about what color are Clams.  Clams come in a variety of colors, Blue, Brown, Orange, Purple, Gray, Green and Yellow.

I've been buying fabric for years...I've just started saving the little strips along the sides, the ones with the name of of the fabric and who distributes it.  But, I have a question for anyone your knows what the heck does this mean....All those colored numbers...I have no idea.😕

I'll be working on my Salt and Sand Quilt today...and putting the last 3 strips on the Tile Quilt.  What  are you working on today/

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  1. Hello, the number shows the colors in the quilt. On your example you had 12 different colors.

  2. I didn't know clams came in so many colours. I have seen many ladies make quilts from the selvage of their fabrics. Enjoy binding your Teapot quilt.

  3. I didn't know about the various colors clams are either! I used the selvages of my fabric to make crocheted throw rugs. Pretty project!

  4. What a sweet quilt you are working on . I look forward to seeing the clams added. Happy quilting.

  5. I just discovered your blog today and will catch all your posts in Old Reader which is how I follow lots of blogs. Many quilters enjoy sewing with selvedges (or selvages), showing the colored dots and words. If you cut them 1" or wider, you can overlap them and top stitch. I use a base of thin (unwanted) fabric to stitch the selvages to. Karen Griska of wrote a book of patterns with selvages. I've made potholders and notebook covers with them and a wall quilt. I'm looking forward to exploring your blog--thank you!

  6. Congrats on all the progress. Two quilts ready to bind has to feel really, really good!


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