Wednesday, April 7, 2021

THE LETTER TODAY IS..... for frog.....oooops....I forgot to put his nose on.😉

 We have Tree Frogs where I live.  To me, when I hear the Tree Frogs, spring is on it's way.  I got a picture of one sitting on a limb last year.  This is an Eastern Indiana Gray Tree Frog.  They have little suckers on their feet and can stick to anything.  I've seen them on windows here at home.

Wikipedia has lots of info on this frog.

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  1. We had little frogs before they filled in and built on the lot behind me. They chirped little croaks at night, and would hop into my garden to visit. I now wonder if that lot should have been protected, if it really was a vernal pool.

  2. Cute frogs, the appliquéd block, and the real one ;)


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