Saturday, April 3, 2021


 Today's A to Z  letter is this case....CAT.  This is my Cat block. 

We have 2 black cats that adopted us. They are both black and you can't tell them apart unless you get close to them..Spade has blue eyes, and Duse has bald spots on his ears.  This is Duse having lunch.

This is Spade keeping tabs on where Bob is.  Bob chases him all the time. 

All the blocks I'm making for A to Z are 10 1/2" Bleached Muslin.

 Before I forget again...Apple for A was done on April 1, but forgot to post it.


For RSC 2021 this month...the color is light blue.  I switched to Dark Blue as my supply of light blue scraps is getting low.  I'm making these little baskets  for.  It's all pined and ready to applique down.

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  1. What a sweet cat -- both the real ones and the quilt block!

  2. LOVE that new "woven" Basket block in BLUE!!

  3. That is absolutely adorable! It looks like my black cat Benny, who showed up and moved in (so did one of the others). The eyes, even though his aren't blue, because they look sad, which his look right now, since I brought home a giant puppy a week ago and he has been hiding.

  4. Pretty cat and basket blocks, Happy Easter to you.

  5. Great blocks! Love your cat block best! Have a wonderful day and Happy Easter!


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