Sunday, April 18, 2021


 I've been working on my A to Z project for the last couple of weeks...trying to keep up.  Today is a break from that.  So I'm hoping I can finish up the embroidery on my Table Runner.

I've only got a couple flowers, stems and leaves to do...then I can start adding the border.  I'll be adding a border of flowers around the outside edges.  Hopefully I can figure out the placement so that it all balances out.  That's what I'll be working on today.  What are you stitching this sunny Sunday?

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Hope you all have a wonderful stitching....


  1. Your embroidery is so pretty! I hope you can get it finished!

  2. Hope you managed to finish your table runner today. It's very pretty!

  3. Very pretty. It always seems like that stitching something always takes longer than you think it should. Enjoy your stitching time today.

  4. Your embroidery is so lovely. You didn't link up to the HQAL so maybe this isn't the posting but I love seeing this project of yours. It will be a beautiful table runner.

  5. Very pretty stitching. I tend to love cross stitch so much that I rarely do any other kind of hand embroidery. Enjoy your time.


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