Sunday, April 4, 2021


 Today for A to Z the letter is D...for Duck.  Want to know more about Ducks...Wikipedia has a lot of info HERE.

Today is my birthday and Easter.  Since Easter is never on the same date every birthday comes on Easter occasionally.  So I'll be in the kitchen a lot today.  Cooking Easter dinner.  In between cooking, I'll be doing some stitching.  Finishing up my Basket for RSC 2021.

I'll also be working on the letter E for tomorrow's A to Z Challenge.  Here's glimpse of what that will be...know what it is?

I'm linking to:

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Until then hope you all have a safe and.......



  1. Happy birthday Sherrie!! AtoZ makes a break on Sundays, so you are already set for Monday ;)
    Cute duck by the way!

  2. Happy Birthday, and Happy Easter, too! Hope you have a delicious dinner, but also a little relaxation time for stitching on that basket.

  3. Happy Birthday! My birthday often falls on a holiday weekend too.

  4. Happy Birthday! My birthday was yesterday! I hope you have a great birthday and Easter! Love that little duck block!

  5. Happy Belated birthday and I'm guessing E has to be an Eggplant. I love eggplant parmesan. Maybe you will be sharing a recipe? Hope to see you sometime again soon. Good luck with the stitching.


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