Sunday, April 11, 2021


 It's raining this is the perfect time to get some embroidery done.  I've got 2 embroidery projects going.  A Table Runner...this is the center of the runner.  It will have a border of flowers around the outside edge.

I've also been working on a Band Sampler...It's for an embroidery challenge I'm doing.  It's over at Needle and Thread with Mary Corbet.  I'm not the best at embroidery, but I figure doing this Band Sampler will the perfect thing to improve my embroidery.

And I have some embroidery to do on my Salt and Sand Quilt.  

See the row with the black and gray shapes...those represent Mussels.  I need to embroider some lines on them.  I also need to put some embroidered eyes on the fish...I think I'll give them Bullion Knot eyes.  So what are you stitching today.  I'm linking to:

Slow Stitching Sunday

15 Minutes to Stitch

Hope you all have a great stitching day.



  1. Your table runner looks beautiful, will it be embroidered all over?

  2. Wonderful projects to enjoy hand stitching today!
    Samplers are perfect for making improvements through practice!

  3. I like your embroidery projects. I only know 2-3 embroidery stitches. I should jump in on a challenge one day to learn more.

  4. It looks to me that you are fabulous at embroidery. Love all those little hearts skipping across your Band Sampler. As for the table runner, it is looking lovely. All those pretty embroidered flowers make me smile. I cannot wait to see this pretty finished. Have a beautiful day.

  5. Beautiful embroidery projects! So satisfying to make something by hand!

  6. You've got some fun projects in the works. Hope you've made good progress on both.


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