Thursday, June 9, 2022


 I like making lists....I have a list for everything and anything.  Take your pick, I have a list, ha ha😀  Here is a LIST of lists I have.

1. Books - Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway Series

2.Quilts - I have 8 Quilt tops that need sandwiched

3.Yarn - I have 2 afghans going

4.Embroidery Stitches - learning new stitches at Pintangle

5.Afghans - a new one is being worked on

6. New plants for the flower beds.  lots to choose from my Free Burpee catalog.

7. Embroidery items I'm stitching - the list is endless

8. Household chores for the day - another endless list

9. Adding new numbers to my phone book - I seem to collect these, so I need some where to put them!

10. Making a monthly calendar - I use this to keep track of my quilts

11. Start an Index Card-a-Day Challenge, which you can find all the info HERE. - doing doodles, art, quilts, you name it, it can be put on an index card.

12. Sorting buttons into color groups - I got my mom's buttons when she passed, so have slowly been sorting them into color groups.

13. Making lists..ha - as you see from my list...ha ha😀

My lists are sometimes short and sometimes long.  For example...Yarn, I browse through yarns looking for a color I need.  And the list begins with yarn names, yarn number, color, how many ounces, what I want to use it for, the list tends to grow as I think of things to do with this yarn.

I've been working on my SAHRR quilt.  I finally got the farmer sewed down and am now working on the garden sign posts.

When I'm not quilting, crocheting or embroidering, I the moment I've got 2 seires going.  Elly Giffiths Ruth Galloway series and Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Whimpy Kid. We just bought the whole series for my granddaughter, and I decided to read them too.

Well that's it for today.  Have a great...

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  1. Hi Sherrie, I read this list with interest, I could almost ditto for me to every one. I must have a look at the Burpee catalogue. I have yarn coming from the Wool Warehouse to start a new afghan; as happens, didn't have the colours on hand in my stash. Enjoy your weekend now as you work through your list.

  2. I love that you have a list of lists. That's right up m y alley.


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