Tuesday, June 14, 2022


 My To-Do Tuesday List from last week.

1.  Try to sandwich a couple quilts.👎

2.  Work on SAHRR

3. Work on Crochet Along.

4. Make more pink baskets.

5. Start putting the flag blocks together.👎

6, Do Wk 22 of TAST.

Well, I didn't get any quilts sandwiched.  I have been working the SAHRR this week.  I've got a few more butterfly's  to finish.  Give the farmer a face and do the Garden Signs


.  The Crochet Along got a few more Granny Squares


.....and a couple more pink baskets are done.  I was rummaging around in my fabric boxes and came across some more pink fabric.  I think this will make some pretty baskets.

  The Flags didn't even get a stitch done on those.  Wk 22 of TAST is done.

Plus I got Wk 23 done as well.

My To-Do Tuesday list for June 14th through June 20th.

1. Sandwich a quilt.

2. Sew Flags together.


4. More Granny Squares

5. More Pink Baskets

Have an awesome....


  1. Hi Sherrie! I think you've done a fabulous job on your list this week. It looks like you're almost done with your SAHRR! Woohoo. Good luck this week. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Love your SAHRR it is so darned cute. Just been rummaging for some pink myself. Have a great week Sherrie.

  3. Great progress on your SAHRR - that farmer is so cute! Rummaging for pink sounds like fun. :D You are really progressing on the TAST stitches.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  4. Never heard of the knotted cable stitch before. Interesting. Those pinks will make pretty blocks, Sherrie. Love seeing the crocheting too!!


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