Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 time to post my To-Do Tuesday list...last weeks list reads like this.

1. Sandwich a quilt.👎

2. Sew Flags together.

3. SAHRR....sew on borders..started.

4. More Granny Squares

5. More Pink Baskets👎

No quilts got sandwiched.  I really need to just do this.  I've got 11 quilts ready to be sandwiched and one is all most a filmsy. 

I didn't sew any of the flags together, but I did lay them out on the design floor to see what I need.  So I'm counting this one done.

My SAHRR is getting borders.  Just need to sew 2 more on and this one can join the 11 other filmsy's 


I also got a few more Granny Squares done for the Crochet Along I'm doing.  I've got a bag full  of them now.  I'll start sewing them together and see how I'm progressing.  I want to make a Lap Throw, so I'll have to  do some research on size.

No more Pink Baskets done, I've misplaced them somewhere in this melee of a quilting room.  At the moment everything is out of order.  This is also my laundry room.  So when I'm doing laundry I have to shift everything around.  Which is what it is now.  

This also includes Bob having a Bone Treat.  This is his favorite room to lay in.  The floor is cement and on a hot day he lays here.  Bob is pretty big.  He is part Mastiff and part Labrador.  And he weighs around 200 lbs.  And he's also not a good guard dog.  He's more of a gentle giant. 

 But we LOVE him💘


 So when everything goes back to order, I'll find the pink baskets.  Here's what the Pink Baskets look like...so I did pretty good this week, 3 out of 5 checks.


My To-Do List for June 21st through  June 28th.

1.  Finish borders on SAHRR..

2. Start sewing Flags together.

3.  Re-Organize the Quilting Room.

4. More Granny Squares

5. More Pink Baskets


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed these past two posts, Sherrie. I love reading little bits and pieces about life. I definitely come up with meal ideas that way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can't share my laundry with my sewing as it's in the garage and the car shares that space. Love that your dog likes to like and be cool on the floor there. Loving your SAHRR quilt. I find I avoid pinning a quilt but once I start I am okay! Like most things!

  3. What a wonderful post Sherrie! I love Bob too, he looks like a love. Your border looks neat on your SAHRR. Hope you find your baskets. :)
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


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