Wednesday, June 8, 2022


 Wednesday.  Yea, I forgot all about To-Do Tuesday yesterday.  So this is my list from last week.

1. Make some more Flag blocks.✔

2. Do TAST wk 21, Raised Herringbone Band.

3. Make a decision on pink strip.

4. Sandwich a quilt.👎

5. Work on Hand Picked Blocks

6. Do more Pink Baskets.

7.  Make Summer Color Granny Squares.

I almost made it with all check marks....I didn't get to sandwich any quilts.  It's a pain in the butt to do this.  I have to shift boxes, tubs and chairs to get my cutting table out of it's cubby hole.  I got 5 more Flag blocks made and the Wk 21 TAST stitch.  And I didn't have to make a decision on the pink strip for my Quilty 35 quilt, I found some buried in a box.  It is now in my box of  filmsy's.  Now I just need to make a decision about a border.  You can see about this post...HERE.

I have 2 more of the Hand Picked Blocks done and several Pink Baskets

I started my Granny Squares for the Crochet Along.  I've got a stack of them. I'm using some I made a few weeks ago, so they are going into the box.

My To-Do List for June 14th through June 20th

1.  Try to sandwich a couple quilts.

2.  Work on SAHRR

3. Work on Crochet Along.

4. Make more pin baskets.

5. Start putting the flag blocks together.

6, Do Wk 22 of TAST. 

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  1. It appears that you had a very successful week! Well done! Thanks for linking up with the Sew & Tell.

  2. Haha I forgot about To Do Tuesday too - I didn't remember to publish my post until 6:15am Tuesday - lol! I am laughing about "pain in the butt" to sandwich a quilt. I agree. I have to do mine on the living room floor and when I do, I have to close the kitties in a bedroom and the dog goes into his crate. Otherwise they all want to "help". I look forward to seeing your TAST stitching and your Granny Square project.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  3. Wow almost everything checked off! I'd say that was a good week. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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