Tuesday, June 28, 2022


 for To-Do Tuesday.  This is my list from last week...

1.  Finish borders on SAHRR..✔

2. Start sewing Flags together.✔

3.  Re-Organize the Quilting Room.✔

4. More Granny Squares✔

5. More Pink Baskets✔

All checks this week!!   I've been bouncing back and forth from each of them.  The SAHRR is a filmsy now.

I started sewing the flags together and laid it out on my design floor.  


I got my quilting room all back to normal....it lasted about 2 days...so it's back to messed up again..so this is going on my list again.

I have 10 new Granny Squares to add to my pile.  I'm going to start sewing them together to see how many more I need for a Lap Quilt.

And I have a couple more Pink Baskets to add to my pile...I need to figure out what I'm going to do with these.  Add strips between rows, sew them into rows and have a big border around them....I'll lay them out and see what I like.


So all my complaining about bouncing between everything did pay off.  This week I'll be getting my cutting table out and sandwiching a couple quilts.  This is a for sure thing!  No more saying and not doing it!!!!!!!

My list for June 28th through July5th.

1. Sandwich a couple quilts!!!!!

2. Finish putting the Flags together.

3.  Start sewing Granny Squares together.

4. Lay out Pink Baskets and see what to do.

5.Put the quilting room back to normal.


  1. Great progress on your applique projects and beautiful and colorful grannies for a lap blanket.

  2. Those Grannies are beautiful! I love your flag quilt.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  3. It's so nice to get a quilt to the flimsy stage! Then sandwiched and quilted even better! You are on your way, great projects!


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