Saturday, June 11, 2022


 to go.  I've got the fabric cut and pinned to the just need to sew them down.  Over at Scrap Happy today it's all about Blue.  This looks like a tree, but it's a triangle birdhouse....  this is my birdhouse for my RSC 2022 Challenge.

I've also got Mustard, it's the mustard leaf.  Hope over HERE to see some interesting facts about mustard.  The color of the jar is the mustard color, which I'm using for the Color Challenge.  

I also pinned my Pink Sewing Machine for my National Day Calendar Challenge.  As I sew this down, I'm going to sew a pin into it for the needle.  Well, we'll see if this works????

A few months ago I decided to make my own challenge.  To post a new picture everyday.  I've kind of kept up with, but I've also been lax in posting.  So this is my picture for my own picture challenge.  I'll leave your a snap shot of my roses.  Not sure of the name, but they are beautiful and smell so good.  I planted this rose bush about 5 years ago.  I've babied it, and now it's in full bloom!  It also looks good growing up the trellis my dad made me a few years ago!

Hope you all have a.....



  1. 3 great blocks just ready to be stitched down.
    OWO wonderful rose bush. I almost can feel their smell from here.
    You also have a great Saturday, Sherrie.

  2. Your roses are beautiful, Sherrie! I bet they do smell wonderful. Love that mustard leaf jar!

  3. I can practically smell that rose bush! And I love that your Dad made the trellis. Extra special with Daddy love!

  4. Love the mustard jar block. I'm envisioning a backyard picnic.


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