Thursday, May 11, 2017


need some work.  I was over visiting Canadian Needle Nana's place and she has her post linked up for the I Like....over at Not Afraid of Color.  So I decided to jump in and post about all my likes outside.  But the gardens you will see have been neglected the last few years.  With my hubby being sick and me trying to get back into the rhythm of living a new life without him, the gardens have gotten a little weedy.   The front porch area was really over run with Hosta plants, so I pulled out most of them and bought some new pots and flowers to freshen up the outside some.  Went shopping for some new pots for the front of the house.
 Got these pots at Lowe's along with the flowers.  It looks a little better, but I need one more for the right of the steps.  It  looks uneven to me.  I've got another flower bed to the right of the porch that needs some work done on it.
 I need to re-plant some flowers, move some out, and get the weeds out of it.  Not to mention take down all the clutter my hubby put there.  I think I'll leave the bed frame, I like that.  While I was taking these pictures one of the many squirrels, and I mean lots of them, that live here, came out to check me out.
You can't see him very well, he kind of blends in with the tree.  He's sitting to the left.  He watched me for a few minutes and then scampered off.  The other garden I need to work on is the stump garden.....yea you read it right, it's an old stump from a tree we cut down a few years ago. 
It's gotten over grown and needs some flowers taken out and some new put in.  Like the front garden, it has some clutter my hubby put there.  I can't get anything done with the gardens until it quits raining.  It seems to rain everyday.  We might get one sunny day out of seven.  Of course it rained early this morning so the grass was all wet. 

So I put on my polka dot boots before going out to shoot these pictures.  I really LIKE my polka dot boots.  They kind of clash with my dresses, but I don't care.  They keep me from falling on the ice in the winter and they are really warm.
No I don't have one sock on.  The right boot seems to like to "eat" my sock.  lol  Why is that, one shoe or boot always seems to do that.  It's one of life's mysteries I guess.  Well, I guess that's it for now.  Off to clean up the kitchen and do some laundry.  Have an awesome day!!


  1. okay girlfriend. I'm adding in your link and happy to do it! I'll be back to read the post

  2. what is it with sock eating shoes?
    Love the flower bed... yes keep it for me if no other reason. Show us when it gets made up! The pots look great next to the porch, very inviting. It's hard to return to life already in progress but also feels good like a new start always does.

  3. greetings from Pennsylvania!!! I love gardening and your garden "bed" is adorable! Your front yard looks great and I love your porch! Your blog is great, enjoy quilting and embroidery and gardening too. Have a great week!

  4. I think your yard is looking pretty and green! I love the garden in the bed frame, too. Welcome to I Like Thursday!

  5. Welcome to the hop! Your garden is looking lush!

  6. Welcome to the fun! I love your real bed! How fun that would be to make a flower garden in it. I'm not sure where you are at to get so much rain-obviously not here in Az- But your front yard is inviting.Enjoy your day! mary in Az

  7. Your polka dot boots are absolutely great! And I love seeing your yard and all your flowers and growing things! Good luck with the continued gardening!


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