Monday, May 3, 2021


 Well, here we are at Monday again....some days go fast and some go slow.  Just like my quilting.  The same goes for months.  It's the 3rd of May already and I still haven't gotten the Teapot Quilt tied or the Tile Quilt sandwiched.  It seems to help me get motivated by making a list of things I want to get done.  Or even better, join up with a Meme that is working on a quilt I want to finish.  And WOOFA  is the perfect place to be.  WOOFA is over at Gone Stitchin'.  My WOOFA project for May is to finish the Teapot and Tile quilts.  We'll see how far I get on this. lol  The Teapot quilt is in my hoop waiting to be tied and I still need to cut the fabric for the binding.

The Tile Quilt is a filmsey.  It needs to be sandwiched, tied and binding added.  

So these 2 quilts will be my main focus this month.  Hopefully I'll have a couple of finishes I can share with you by months end.  

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  1. I try to keep to my lists, but something always demands more attention. LOL! Right now it's lost motivation that is tripping me up. Happy Slow Monday!

  2. The month is just starting, you will have plenty of time to make progress on your quilts 😉

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  4. WOOFA is a great motivator. I find setting goals on my blog is very helpful, as it makes me accountable. Good luck with getting your quilt tied.

  5. I LoVe the tea pot quilt... & I really like the way the "tiles" look.
    Great job so far... xox


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