Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 Hi everyone,

It's been a couple weeks since I posted my To-Do Tuesday list.  So I'll go on my last list from 2 weeks ago.

April 27th through May 3rd  

1. Tie the Teapot Quilt/Progressing

2. Sandwich the Tile Quilt

3. Cut binding for Teapot Quilt

4. Sew more Clams to Salt and Sand.

Well, I got 3 things done from this list and 1 is progressing.   The Teapot Quilt needs a few more tied spots, then the binding starts.

 And the Tile Quilt is sandwiched so it's next into the hoop to be tied.

Over the last 2 weeks I've got 1 more filmsey sandwiched.  And binding cut for them. It hasn't got a name yet...haven't decided what to call it.  It's kind of a Improv quilt.  Starting at the center, basket of hearts, marble fabric w/yo yo, Lincoln logs, stars and stripes fabric, and fish.  So there's lots of different things on this quilt.  Got any suggestions for a name??  Let me know what you think.  

To-do list for May 18 through May 25th

1. Finish the Clams

2. Make more string blocks.

3. Cut the Gingham fabric.

4. Dig out UFO's and see which quilt needs worked on next.

Hope you all....


  1. So, in exploring your blog, it appears you "quilt" your quilts by tie! How very interesting! I perused a few other blogs on tie quilting before commenting on your blog. Tell me, do you hand quilt it as well? Or is your quilt simply tied? I am do eager to try this method. I remember hearing about it, but then forgot until I read your most wonderful post! Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Wonderful progress! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  3. With all those fish around the edge, maybe your quilt name should be fishy themed?


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